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Shihan Larry Frank Loreth, 7th Dan - ISKF

Former Chairman - ISKF Canada

Ex. President - ISKF Canada

Fourth Place in World Championship -1975 (Team Kumite)

At Present

Technical Chairman - ISKF India

International Examiner - ISKF WQ USA

Member of Technical Committee - ISKF WQ USA

Shihan enjoyed competition, and was actively involved in provincial, national and international tournaments. He represented Canada at Pan American events and the 1975 world championship of the Japan Karate Association in which the Canadian team placed fourth. From 1968-1978 he was a regular winner at the Manitoba Karate Championships. He won kumite (sparring) four times and placed second or third in kata (form) and kumite on numerous occasions. In 1978 Sensei Loreth was the captain of the Manitoba team that won the Canadian championship.

Although one of the most senior karate instructors in Canada, Sensei Loreth has kept the cost of instruction down to accommodate family participation. The style of karate that Sensei Loreth teaches (SHOTOKAN) focuses on perfection of character, self-defence, sport and fitness. Respect for others is a very important element in his classes.