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The ISKF India request to all high level Companies, Institutes and others who can financially help to this organization in the development of Karate Do in India. We are very reputed Karate organization in India and at International level as well. ISKF organizes every year National Okazaki Cup, National Seminar, All India Championship and International Seminar which is conducted by World Famous Karate Master Kancho Teruyuki Okazaki in India and World Shoto Cup at international level. Every time about 35 countries participate in World Shoto Cup and in India, ISKF India invites more than 15 states in our National Okazaki Cup. In this event approximately 400 students participate. The ISKF India participates many International events in other countries as well.


What ISKF India can give you in back of your financial help?


1. Advertisement in every Invitation Letter for National Okazaki Cup and National Seminar.
2. Advertisement in National Okazaki Cup and National Seminar.
3. Advertisement in All India Championships.
4. Advertisement on every certificate issued by ISKF India.
5. Advertisement Logo on Karate Kit for ISKF players in India and abroad.
6. Advertisement in International Seminar when Kancho Okazaki visits India.
7. Advertisement on every Identity Card of ISKF India.
8. Advertisement on our official website.