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The belt, or obi in Japanese, is tied in a specific way around the waist. This is an important part of the uniform. Not only does it signify rank, but tied with the proper tension allows one to feel the tightening of the stomach muscle during focus. During focus, the stomach should be pressed against the belt, making it difficult to slip one?s hand in between.

The white gi is a symbol of purity of spirit, modesty and cleanliness.

Modesty and humility, that is what is taught and that is what is practiced

How to tie your belt (obi)

1.Take the middle of your belt and place it on your stomach.

2.Bring the left side flat around your back to overlap the right side on your right hip.

3.Flip the right side up and take it around your back overlapping the other thickness.

4.With two equal lengths in front, right end over left and up under all thicknesses.

5.Left end overright end and through.